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My approach

I am a caring and supportive nutritionist holding a diploma with distinction in Nutritional Therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine. My areas of speciality include:

  • Fertility
  • Female health
  • Digestive health 

I take a holistic approach to my work with every client, using a functional medicine model to identify and address the root cause of their health issues. I always start with the food first as diet is the foundation of everything that I do. I almost always recommend lifestyle modification and sometimes give supplement recommendations.

I work with 3 main categories of clients:

  1. People who are healthy and they would like to improve their athletic performance, invest in longevity or make sure their diet fulfilling all of their needs
  2. People who have nothing medically wrong with them but experience a lot of symptoms affecting the quality of their life like low energy, bloating, food sensitivities, PMS, heavy periods, recurrent injuries, chronic pain
  3. People who have a condition or a diagnosis like IBS, IBD, Hashimoto’s thyroid, PCOS, endometriosis, osteoporosis or  rheumatoid arthritis and would like to support it with nutritional therapy

My story

I decided to change career and become a nutritionist after a successful 10-year corporate career having gone through my own health challenges. 

My initial interest in health and wellness started in childhood thanks to my sporty family and my dad’s encouragement. In my teenage years I started experimenting with dieting as my body shape didn’t fit into the conventional beauty standards although I wasn’t medically overweight or obese. I developed an eating disorder which shaped my relationships with food for many years. 

When working in my corporate job I developed a mixed anxiety-depression disorder combined with hormonal imbalances including amenorrhea. Now I understand that I experienced severe adrenal burnout which I later successfully overcame. I was diagnosed with IBS at a similar time which became a turning point. I felt completely loast and unsupported and I was not sure what I should do to help me feel better.

I discovered the power of nutrition for myself when a friend of mine did a group programme with a nutritionist and I was absolutely amazed by her glowing skin and happy look. When I tried it myself I was totally convinced. I finally had no sugar cravings, I had loads of energy, my digestion got better, my mood got better and I overall felt much healthier and happier.

I decided to change career and study at the College of Naturopathic Medicine. Whilst studying I worked as a clinical assistant in the functional medicine clinic and saw thousands of different cases, conventional and functional testing and resulting protocols. Post graduation I already worked with many people from countries all over the world on issues such as IBS, low energy, autoimmune thyroid disease, post-partum recovery, and weight loss amongst others. Every client’s success brings me enormous joy and satisfaction. I hope you trust me to show you a different way of eating and living.